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Australian artist Judy Talacko has had a long and varied career.


Judy Talacko is an impressionist painter. Her floral still-lifes and landscapes are suffused with magnificent light which is accentuated by stunning colours and subtle complex forms. Using wide, sweeping brush strokes she combines a free style with a masterful eye for detail to create memorable images that capture distinct moments in time. In images both timeless and totally new, she combines the use of brilliant colour and interesting textures with the interplay of light and shade to create compelling compositions that highlight all the visual beauty that life has to offer.


Judy Talacko’s paintings are romantic, both in subject and approach. She has been influenced strongly by the early Australian Impressionists of the Heidelburg School, namely Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and Charles Conder and the Czech painter Alphons Mucha as well as by the landscapes and seascapes that have come to define her life. The impressionist influence is prominent throughout her work, as a hallmark of her pieces is her strong emphasis on light and the way it comes to intersect in unique ways with both colour and form.


Above all, Judy strives to paint from the heart, in the hope that her work will, in turn, touch the heart of another. Her paintings are treasured by viewers not only for their brilliant beauty and dazzling light, but also for the ability the images have to soothe and heal the viewer and to offer a gentle reminder of all that is out there in the world if we but take a moment to notice. As Judy shares, ”I have always wanted my work to bring moments of joy and happiness to the viewer and allow them a chance to dwell, for a moment, on the sweeter things in life”.  Judy Talacko has exhibited throughout Europe, Australia and the United Sates and has had forty prints in world distribution. Her paintings are also on collectors wooden jigsaws and many greeting cards.


She currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

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